Visitor Profile

Visitor Profile


BORU 2013 is going to meet the expectations and take the interest of its visitors with the new sections providing wider and effective coverage.

Visitors of BORU Fair is grouped below on job title basis:

  • Company Owner / General Manager
  • Purchasing Manager / Experts
  • Technical | R&D Manager / Experts
  • Production | Plant Manager

Visitors of BORU Fair is grouped below on scope basis:

  • Sector Players
  • Represantatives of Top 1000 Turkish Companies
  • Contractors of Superstructure  / Substructure / Hydroelectric Power Plant
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • White Goods Manufacturers
  • Steel Ware Manufacturers
  • Automotive Industry
  • Furniture Manufacturers
  • Ship Industry
  • Drilling Companies
  • Gas Distribution Companies
  • Water and Sewerage Administrations
  • DSİ – State Hydraulic Works, BOTAŞ – Petroleum Pipeline Corporation
  • Municipal Corporations
  • Acedemicians
  • Government-owned Corporations

Important Note: If you want to be registered as the visitor of BORU Fair, you may fill out the “Visitor Registration Form” in the  left menu. 


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