Construction and Dismantling

Construction and Dismantling


All exhibitors should carefully read Clause 5 and 6.19 in the “Terms and Conditions” section of Application Form. Exhibitors who will assemble their stands by themselves shall be responsible for informing their stand constructors about below issues.

Clause 5 – Trade Show Area Settlement

5.1. Entry: THE CUSTOMERS who will assemble their stands by themselves may enter the Trade Show area as of 13:00 hours on March 25th, 2013; THE CUSTOMERS whose stands will be assembled by IHLAS may enter the Trade Show area as of 09:00 hours on March 27th, 2013.

5.2. Stand Installation: All stand installation works have until the 12:00 hour on March27th, 2013 to be completed. IHLAS is authorized to intervene and stop the work of those companies which have not completed their stand assemblies by the given time. After the corridors have been carpeted, any carriers likely to damage the corridor carpet such as pushcarts, forklifts and handcarts may not be used.

5.3. Stand Materials: Any construction materials to be brought into the Trade Show area for installation (from the 13:00 hour on March 25th, 2013 to the 12:00 hour on March 27th, 2013) must be fabricated (cut, painted and shaped at the workshop) and ready for assembly. The Trade Show area may not be used for workshop purposes and the use of compressor paint is absolutely prohibited.

5.4. Stand Projects: The projects of THE CUSTOMER’s stand and stand decorations, the compliance of the project size with exhibition regulations, and the static projects must be approved by IHLAS before March 1st, 2013. The designed, scaled three-dimensional stand projects must be submitted for approval. IHLAS is free to approve or disapprove the projects. THE CUSTOMERS with unapproved projects shall not be allowed to bring goods and materials into the Trade Show area for stand installation. IHLAS may make any changes it deems necessary in the general layout of the Trade Show area. THE CUSTOMERS without project approval shall not be allowed to bring goods into the Trade Show area for stand installation. IHLAS is entitled to intervene, stop and demolish unapproved projects. For prevention of incompatibility with neighboring stands regarding constructions neighbor participants must be contacted. IHLAS shall not be responsible for any incompatibilities to occur due to the differences in stand heights provided that the given construction/structure standards are not exceeded. The participants whose stand is higher than the neighboring participant’s stand must cover the higher side facing the neighboring stand with a clean liner.

5.5. Stand Installation Expenses: The expenses for stand construction and internal stand decorations of THE CUSTOMER shall be covered by THE CUSTOMER.

5.6. Stand Area and Limits: The stands may not extend into the corridor area and none of the stand’s points’ projection may extend into the corridor area. In the event of violation, IHLAS is entitled to force THE CUSTOMER to refashion or habilitate the stand or to eliminate the over-extension. Any expenses occurring during these procedures shall be billed to THE CUSTOMER who caused the violation of the rule. THE CUSTOMER agrees in advance to cover these expenses.

5.7. Briefing on Installation: THE CUSTOMER is obliged to submit the names of the sound system companies and/or architecture companies responsible for carrying out work on the CUSTOMER’S stand installation and the names and telephone numbers of the authorized persons of the said companies to IHLAS before the project approval stage at the latest. It is absolutely prohibited to damage the Trade Show area, to drill the floor or the walls, to weld the showroom columns or to stain the showroom walls. In such cases, THE CUSTOMER shall be obliged to cover any damage caused by THE CUSTOMER by cash payment to IHLAS.

5.8. Technical Terms regarding Stands: THE CUSTOMER is obliged to comply with the technical terms indicated below. Otherwise IHLAS shall execute its right to intervene.
a. Stand heights vary according to halls. Hall 9: Edge stands 3,5 meters, other stands 5.5 meters. Hall 10: Edge stands 3,5 meters, other stands 5.5 meters.
b. In order to prevent problems with height, the stand projects must be approved by IHLAS. IHLAS has all rights to intervene with unapproved projects at any stage.
c. In order to enable the visitors to easily visit all stands, companies that use special decorations may close a maximum of 30% of each side at the corridor edge of their stands. In such cases, 70% of each side of the stand facing the corridors must be kept open. In cases where each side facing the corridor is closed more than 30%, the stand walls facing the corridor must be at least 70%transparent(glass,veil,plastic etc. materials).In cases where corridor walls of the stand ascend without leaving any distance at corridor line(max.6meters) the above70% transparency rule is applied.

6.19. The Ending of the Trade Show-Exit: Stand clear out procedure shall be performed between the 18:30 hour on March 30th, 2013 and the 12:00 hour on March 31st, 2013. Any materials of THE CUSTOMER who did not clear out the Trade Show area within the given period of time shall be removed to outside the area without provision of a warning. Any relevant expenses and losses shall be covered by THE CUSTOMER.


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