Istanbul Expo Centre ( has a very advantageous location in terms of transportation. Various transportation details are given in detail below. You can reach to the exhibition area with the most suitable method to you.

The coordinates of main entrance of Expo Center: N 40.988742, E 28.821344

The illustration below is for stating the closeness of fairground to the airport and DTM subway station.

Arrival by air:

In the arrivals by air, Istanbul Ataturk Airport should be preferred. After landing to the airport, two methods are used to go to fairground;

  1. Taxi: When you get out of the domestic or international flights building, you will see yellow taxicabs. When you ride one of these taxicabs, according to traffic density, you will be at the fairground in several minutes. When you get to the fairground, if you get off between the halls numbered 9-10. , you will be at the main entrance.

Important note: Taxicabs that are connected to the airport cabstands may give problem about taking you because it is too close. That’s why we recommend you to use non-cabstand taxicabs that carry passengers.

  1. Subway: When you get on from the airport subway station, the next station is ‘’DTM Istanbul Expo Center’’. After you get off the subway and get out of the station, you can reach to halls numbered 9-10-11 on foot in about 15 minutes or you can use service vehicles that go to salons numbered 9-10-11 periodically.

Important note: Because the distance between the fairground and airport is too short (especially for the ones who doesn’t want to walk), we recommend you to come by taxi.


Coming by intercity buses:

In comings by intercity buses to Istanbul, Esenler Terminal should be preferred. After getting off the bus in terminal, two methods are used to go to fairground;

  1. Subway: You can easily reach to the subway station that is in the Esenler Terminal. In this station, by getting on the subway that goes to Ataturk Airport, you should get off the subway on ‘’DTM Istanbul Expo Center’’ which is one stop before the airport. After you get out of the station you can reach to salons numbered 9-10-11 on foot in about 15 minutes or you can use service vehicles that go to salons numbered 9-10-11 periodically.
  2. Taxi: In case you prefer coming to the fairground from Esenler Terminal with taxi, you can easily find taxi in the terminal. If the ring road is used, the distance between the Esenler Terminal and Istanbul Expo Center is about 20 km. Along with changing according to traffic density, cab fare is about 40 TL.


Coming by private car:

If you prefer coming to fairground by you private car, according to your coming direction, you can make use of the map below. If you prefer E-5 and E-6 TEM highway, by following Ataturk Airport signs, by following Istanbul Expo Center road from the exit of airport, you can reach to the fairground. If you use coast road, by following Ataturk Airport signs, after passing Airport crossroad about 300 m, entering by the Istanbul Exhibition Center sign which is on the right turn, you can come to the fairground. You can leave your car at the Istanbul Exhibition Center car park when you come to the fairground.

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  • Cab fares are calculated by adding km price to the starting price in Istanbul.
  • In cabs in Istanbul, same tariff is used 24 hours.
  • click here to see the rail system transportation map.


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